COVID-19 341 Meetings

Office of Kathleen A. Leavitt, Chapter 13 Trustee

341 Meeting of Creditors Information


Until further notice, this office will be conducting 341 meetings via Zoom video conferencing. Below are the instructions to participate in the meeting.

**In order to expedite the Section 341 Meeting Process, it is requested that you work with your client(s) prior to the date and time of the Section 341 Meeting to ensure that all parties understand how to properly use Zoom on the device(s) that will be utilized for the Section 341 Meeting.  If parties are not able to appropriately participate via Zoom at the time their case is called, the 341 Meeting may be continued. **

Meeting Instructions:

  1. Debtor(s)’ Attorneys or Pro Se Debtor(s):  Please ensure that an unredacted copy of the debtor(s)’ government issued photo ID and appropriate verification of debtor(s)’ social security number have been submitted to the Trustee’s office prior to the scheduled date of the Section 341 Meeting.

  2. If you need language assistance, please let us know prior to the date of the Section 341 Meeting so we can make the necessary arrangements.

  3. Use the link and password on the following page (“Instructions on How to Join the Meeting”) to join the Section 341 Meeting waiting room. You can access the Section 341 Meeting with any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone so long as the device is equipped with a speaker, microphone and camera.  Use of a headset is advised if possible.

    • On the date of your Section 341 Meeting, join the Section 341 Meeting waiting room 10 minutes prior to your scheduled hearing time and test your audio and video connections.

    • When logging into Zoom, please use your FULL real name so we may easily ascertain who is present in the Section 341 Meeting waiting room.

    • Please keep in mind that we are conducting multiple Section 341 Meetings each hour.  Parties will be admitted to the Section 341 Meeting hearing room when the case is called by the Presiding Officer.

  4. Creditor(s) & Creditor(s)’ Attorneys:  Please inform our office via email to that you will be attending the Section 341 Meeting at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled Section 341 Meeting.  When joining the Section 341 Meeting via Zoom as a Creditor, please indicate, as part of your Zoom name, that you are a creditor and the case number that you are appearing on (for example: “John Doe Creditor 12-34567”).

  5. **Please remember that this is an official proceeding being conducted as part of a bankruptcy case filing in the Federal Bankruptcy Court District of Nevada.  As such, appropriate attire must be worn.  Additionally, when appearing by Zoom, it remains necessary that the location of the parties is appropriate in order to maintain a clear record (ie: no background noise, ability to openly and actively answer questions, etc..).**

Contact our office at if you have any questions or technical difficulties.

pdf  Trustee 341 Meeting of Creditors for May 21, 2024

The Chapter 13 Trustee has compiled information that will be useful to your throughout your Chapter 13 case. You are encouraged to download this Chapter 13 Debtor’s Information, read through it at least once, and keep it handy for reference.